Covid-19 and Minimalism

There are some realizations that minimalists seem to have during this pandemic. What is happening right now is truly unprecedented and many people, even countries, are not prepared for this kind of scenario. It is not something that have ever crossed my mind, to live during a global pandemic where our contact with the world

Downsizing Your Wallet

Carrying a heavy wallet or purse can be bad for your health. An orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Sabrian Strickland, claimed that when you are holding something on your shoulder, your spine has to curve to manage the weight, and having a big thick wallet definitely doesn’t help. If you are a guy, there is also a

Experiences Worth Collecting

Becoming a minimalist is about substituting useless habits with a better ones that actually add meaning to our lives. Less TV, more reading. Less screentime, more interaction. Less shopping, more outdoors. Less consuming, more creating. When you minimize many aspects of your life, you will realize that you now have more time on your hands,

Why You Want to Consider Buying Second Hand

The stigma towards buying second hand seems to change since it is deemed to be more sustainable. Buying things and throwing them away too fast can have dire consequences on our environment. Beside leaving a huge amount of carbon footprints, manufacturing and transporting new goods can deplete our limited resources and energy. I know what

Minimalist and Practical Kitchen

There is a plethora of kitchen gadgets promising more comfortable and practical life. The advertorials for these products sneak their way into our daily articles, news, and videos. Attractive discounts and offers are present to lure you into buying things that you don’t even know you need. It seems like a good deal at that

Choosing the Right Reusable Straw

With the surging images of marine wildlife’s being strangled by plastic, people rush to cut their plastic waste. One of latest movements is to get rid of disposable plastic straws. Many bills have been passed to ban the use of it in fast-food chains and restaurant as what is used in relatively short amount of

Beauty Products You Shouldn’t Buy

One of the things that women have a hard time minimizing is their make-up and beauty products. If you can ditch most of it entirely, good for you! But we are not about telling all women to immediately stop using any commercial beauty products, because not everyone is at the same phase of their minimalist

How To Organize Your Stuffs Like A Minimalist

So, you have got rid all of your unnecessary stuffs, what is the next step? Well, you can start with learning how to organize the remaining ones. Why do you need to know all these organizing technique? You might think that you don’t need to organize your stuffs once you have reached your minimalist goal.

Why I don’t Want An Indonesian Wedding

If you have ever been invited to an Indonesian wedding, you will see that each ethnicity group has different wedding ceremony, dress, food, and traditional dance. It is intriguing seeing the graceful dancers pave a way for the groom and bride to make their artistry entrance. You can see the headpiece (wedding crown) sparkles as