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There are some realizations that minimalists seem to have during this pandemic. What is happening right now is truly unprecedented and many people, even countries, are not prepared for this kind of scenario. It is not something that have ever crossed my mind, to live during a global pandemic where our contact with the world is limited and/or regulated, and to have almost everything shut. Since there are many things that we have to do differently, here are a few of observations that I would like to note regarding how having a minimalist lifestyle helps during this uncertain time.

When you are asked to work remotely and do most of your activities from home, you realize the importance of having rooms and space, lots of it. You understand how crucial it is for your sanity to have a comfortable place that is not filled with piles and piles of stuffs. When seeing the updates of concerning news on the virus can be overwhelming, you will want your home to be the antidote for it. You want a place to bridge yourself with the outside world at times, and to just be consume with your present and what is around you. You need a minimalist home.

You will also notice how many of your things lost its significance. You don’t have anywhere to go, so you don’t get to use your car as much. You are not advised to wear any accessories when going out so your watches or jewelries stay in your drawer. Your extra pair of shoes, bags, clothes, and make up don’t serve much purpose.

Most of the stuffs that I acquired are my ‘wants’, not my ‘needs’.

This covid-19 situation also has a major impact on our economy. Hundreds of millions people lose their jobs and don’t know how they are going to pay for their next rent or meal. It further emphasizes that our financial health is one of the best gift that you can give yourself and your loved ones. Many people are stressed out about their debts, and some actually wouldn’t have needed to put themselves in that situation, had they not tried to maintain a certain lifestyle.

This is a perfect time to work on your financial health and re-evaluate your purchases. Remember, things you want, that you think can bring you happiness, don’t help you get ready for an economic recession or difficult situation like this.

Furthermore, the panic buying that people were guilty of when it first started reminded you of how valuable our resources are. I mean, people literally fought for toilet paper! We are so accustomed to having foods and products easily accessible that we don’t think twice about overconsuming it or even wasting it. I am glad to have embraced minimalism when it happens because this lifestyle has trained me to live within my means and to use what I only need, making it easier for me to deal with having fewer resources.

It also highlights how a sustainable living is what you need to survive in times of crisis. I am used to using alternatives to substitute certain products and grow my own food, and it offers you a massive sense of security. You also know that should your neighbors or people around you don’t have any food to eat, you will be able to help provide for them.

More importantly, this time forces us to sit down and contemplate on the lesson that it unfortunately shoves to our face; to value human relationship more than material stuffs. To build and foster this instead of focusing on superficial things.

We all reached to our friends and family to fight boredom, help you work on certain issues, vent to them about your situation, or just to have them keep your emotional health on track during quarantine time.

These people are the ultimate support system that we need. The longest research on human happiness supports and proves this! That what contributes to human happiness is meaningful relationships; not your new car, not a big house, not how many clothes you have.

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