Benefits of Exercising for 30 Minutes Everyday

Physical inactivity is now a global health problem that contributes to 3.2 million death each year. There are various reasons why we become victims of inactivity. Some argue that they are lacking of time and even facilities to exercise. It is true that urbanization results in low quality air and other problems such as crime,

Choosing the Right Reusable Straw

With the surging images of marine wildlife’s being strangled by plastic, people rush to cut their plastic waste. One of latest movements is to get rid of disposable plastic straws. Many bills have been passed to ban the use of it in fast-food chains and restaurant as what is used in relatively short amount of

What It Feels Like to Plog in Indonesia: A Country Contributing World’s Second-Highest Plastic Waste to the Ocean

PLOGGING is Sweden’s fitness craze that has started making its way to different corners of the globe. Combining jogging and picking up trash, we want to experience it in Bandung, Indonesia, with a major plastic pollution on its hand. And the outcome of this experiment is mind-blowing! Indonesians seem to have this practice of throwing