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My family have been drinking two glasses of water right after waking up for as long as I could remember. I was told that it should literally be the first thing you do, even before you actually get up from your bed. The key is to put the water on your bedside table the night before so you don’t need to walk around to grab some in the morning.

I notice that when I skip this routine, it adversely affects my body that I don’t feel as good throughout the day. Now, you may not believe that the effect can be that be significant, but there are actually scientifically-proven reasons why you will want to start forming this habit.

To begin with, up to 60% of adult body consists of water. You will want to provide it with the much-needed hydration after not getting any water all night as you sleep. This practice helps your skin look more fresh and energizes you in the morning.

Dehydration has a detrimental effect on your health that it can lead to rapid heartbeat, UTI, and even seizures and kidney failure. This is because water help your kidney function properly when it needs to flush certain waste products. Lacking of water results in your kidney’s not having a sufficient amount of fluid to get rid of the toxins. Instead of expelling them, your body will most likely hold them in.

Some people also use this method to lose weight. Besides boosting up your metabolism in the morning, drinking water prior to having your breakfast will make you feel fuller and avoid overeating.

In addition, your water intake allows regular bowel movement. Mild dehydration can cause constipation as your body withdraws more water from your colon.

This routine requires you not to eat anything for 45 minutes after. Drinking that much of water on an empty stomach will give you a vomiting sensation at first, but this is normal. Just drink a small amount as your first step, then increase gradually until you can reach around 600 ml. Try this for a month and you will notice the difference!

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