Beef Teriyaki

This menu is probably a life saver. You don’t need any special cooking skills to make this. The ingredients are easy. And everybody loves it! When you are being lazy, you can even buy beef that has been chopped thinly from the store to reduce the prep time to non-existent. Don’t worry about skipping the

French Toast Recipe!

I personally think french toast is supposed to be crispy in the outside and creamy inside. It should be soft and smell buttery. But that’s not it! This one happens to taste like cake, too, which is close to feel like having dessert for breakfast!

How To Make Puffy Donuts!

Who doesn’t like this luscious fried rings? My favorite part about making it is that it doesn’t require any expert culinary skills! It only uses few ingredients and you can be creative with the eye-catching toppings! What You Will Need Making the Dough Heat the milk until luke warm. Add 40g of sugar, salt and

Indonesian Tamarind Soup Recipe

This tamarind soup or what’s the local would call ‘sayur asem’ tastes sour, sweet and slightly spicy. Most of the time, it’s being served in Sundanese restaurants as a side dish, but is also well-known in Jakarta. It is made of various kinds of vegetables but it is famous for featuring gnetum/ melinjo, a plant