If I am to be asked what the national dessert of Indonesia is, it probably has to be ‘Es Campur’. Not only is this incredibly famous, but also easily available everywhere, from a small street vendor to fancy restaurants. The recipe for ‘Es Campur’ might vary slightly because you can literally combine many things to add the flavor.

My secret is to use coconut milk as it is very rich and super creamy. The salt is then added to the coconut milk to intensify its taste and balance the sweetness of ‘Es Campur’ that tend to be too dominant.

My personal favorite is the jackfruit, which is the reason why I flavor the syrup with it. However, I understand that it can be a bit hard finding this tropical fruit in other parts of the world. But worry not! If that is the case, you can always use store-bought vanilla syrup, and save you some time in the process.

Note that the ingredients above are according to my preferences. Don’t be discouraged trying to make it because you think it uses so many ingredients that are not very popular. Substitute the ingredients with other things such as strawberry, honeydew, or coconut meat. As long as you have coconut milk, syrup, sweet condensed milk, and avocado, you should be good to go!

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    Es Cincau is a refreshing drink, with cincau or grass jelly as main ingredient. The diced cincau is served with syrup (cocopandan syrup or palm sugar syrup), coconut milk (or plain milk), and shaved ice. Not only as refreshing drink, cincau is also believed as natural antioxidant and has ability to cure sore throat.

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