Pecha Kucha: The Arts of Minimalist Presentation

Pecha Kucha is a presentation method that you might never heard of. It is invented by two Japan-based architects, Astrid Klein and Mark-Dytham, hence the name ‘Pecha Kucha’, which means ‘chatter’ or ‘chit-chat’ in Japanese. However, this method is far from just noises, it results in meaningful presentation that has a lasting effect on its

Becoming a Beginner Investor

The awareness of financial literacy seems to be growing, even among the youngsters. We understand its importance, but often enough we are not sure where to start. Investing in properties or land can be very expensive, and it is absolutely hard to achieve by those who just entered the workforce, or are still in school.

21st Century Skills: Preparing Yourself for Industry 4.0

Industrial revolution is marked with nine things; automation robots, simulation, horizontal and vertical system integration, internet of things, cybersecurity, clouds, additive manufacturing, augmented reality, big data and analysis. These have revolutionized the way our industry works and many goods can now be produced faster and more efficiently at lower costs. These changes bring significant transformation