Mastering target vocabulary is essential for students when doing certain tasks. However, focusing on teaching it in class can be very time-consuming and might mess with your course timeline. The fact that students do not have the same learning pace makes finishing your lessons in desired time even more challenging. To cope with this issue, digital flash cards are inserted into my flipped classroom to allow this process to become painless for both the teacher and students. Since this is done prior to coming to class, slow-working students can work on their own pace without feeling like they were falling behind. TinyCards by Duolingo, Cram, BookWidgets are just some applications that you can use to have yours made.

These digital cards pronounce the word and let you use pictures that can be retrieved directly from the internet without the hassle of saving it on your device first; Notably, assists both visual and auditory learners. They also offer different kinds of exercise, such as matching and fill-the-blank questions for comprehension as well as production.

The students enjoy using it as they can comfortably practice with numerous decks of cards with their phones on their way to school or even when they wait for their food to be served in a restaurant. It is an active form of studying with captivating presentation to engage learners.

Digitizing your flash cards lets you access them again in the future anytime, and anywhere! My favorite part of this is that it has helped eliminating the use of papers, making your journey to zero-waste a lot easier.

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