Pecha Kucha: The Arts of Minimalist Presentation

Pecha Kucha is a presentation method that you might never heard of. It is invented by two Japan-based architects, Astrid Klein and Mark-Dytham, hence the name ‘Pecha Kucha’, which means ‘chatter’ or ‘chit-chat’ in Japanese. However, this method is far from just noises, it results in meaningful presentation that has a lasting effect on its


Pecel is a traditional Sundanese vegetable salad that is served with spicy rich peanut sauce. The vegetables used in this recipe are usually steamed, but some prefer it raw. The raw version is known as Karedok, but even more versions can be found in Central and East Java with slightly different modifications. Pecel is also

Downsizing Your Wallet

Carrying a heavy wallet or purse can be bad for your health. An orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Sabrian Strickland, claimed that when you are holding something on your shoulder, your spine has to curve to manage the weight, and having a big thick wallet definitely doesn’t help. If you are a guy, there is also a

Experiences Worth Collecting

Becoming a minimalist is about substituting useless habits with a better ones that actually add meaning to our lives. Less TV, more reading. Less screentime, more interaction. Less shopping, more outdoors. Less consuming, more creating. When you minimize many aspects of your life, you will realize that you now have more time on your hands,

Beef Gulai Recipe

Gulai is described as something spicy, savory, rich, and curry-like. It is a very famous holiday food in Indonesia and can also be found in Malaysia. Many believe that gulai is influenced by Indian food culture and probably the local adaptation of curry. In Indonesia, this dish is often served with pickled vegetables and rice.

Chicken Soto

Soto is a kind of Indonesian soup consists mainly of broth, meat, and vegetables. Soto recipes vary as it is often modified and localized across different regions in Indonesia. However, two main types of soto are distinguished by the color of the soup. Some use clear or slightly yellow broth, and the others will add

Indonesian Steamed Chicken

Steps: Heat the pan. Add the blended ingredients and stir until it smells fragrant. Add chicken, water, salt, and chicken powder. Wait until half of the water evaporates, then pour the coconut milk. Wait some more until all the water is gone. Turn off the heat. Mix bay leaves, lemon grass, green onion and eggs