Chicken Soto

Soto is a kind of Indonesian soup consists mainly of broth, meat, and vegetables. Soto recipes vary as it is often modified and localized across different regions in Indonesia. However, two main types of soto are distinguished by the color of the soup. Some use clear or slightly yellow broth, and the others will add

Indonesian Steamed Chicken

Steps: Heat the pan. Add the blended ingredients and stir until it smells fragrant. Add chicken, water, salt, and chicken powder. Wait until half of the water evaporates, then pour the coconut milk. Wait some more until all the water is gone. Turn off the heat. Mix bay leaves, lemon grass, green onion and eggs

Benefits of Exercising for 30 Minutes Everyday

Physical inactivity is now a global health problem that contributes to 3.2 million death each year. There are various reasons why we become victims of inactivity. Some argue that they are lacking of time and even facilities to exercise. It is true that urbanization results in low quality air and other problems such as crime,

Beef Teriyaki

This menu is probably a life saver. You don’t need any special cooking skills to make this. The ingredients are easy. And everybody loves it! When you are being lazy, you can even buy beef that has been chopped thinly from the store to reduce the prep time to non-existent. Don’t worry about skipping the

Why You Want to Consider Buying Second Hand

The stigma towards buying second hand seems to change since it is deemed to be more sustainable. Buying things and throwing them away too fast can have dire consequences on our environment. Beside leaving a huge amount of carbon footprints, manufacturing and transporting new goods can deplete our limited resources and energy. I know what

French Toast Recipe!

I personally think french toast is supposed to be crispy in the outside and creamy inside. It should be soft and smell buttery. But that’s not it! This one happens to taste like cake, too, which is close to feel like having dessert for breakfast!