How To Organize Your Stuffs Like A Minimalist

So, you have got rid all of your unnecessary stuffs, what is the next step? Well, you can start with learning how to organize the remaining ones. Why do you need to know all these organizing technique? You might think that you don’t need to organize your stuffs once you have reached your minimalist goal.

How To Make Puffy Donuts!

Who doesn’t like this luscious fried rings? My favorite part about making it is that it doesn’t require any expert culinary skills! It only uses few ingredients and you can be creative with the eye-catching toppings! What You Will Need Making the Dough Heat the milk until luke warm. Add 40g of sugar, salt and

Why I don’t Want An Indonesian Wedding

If you have ever been invited to an Indonesian wedding, you will see that each ethnicity group has different wedding ceremony, dress, food, and traditional dance. It is intriguing seeing the graceful dancers pave a way for the groom and bride to make their artistry entrance. You can see the headpiece (wedding crown) sparkles as

Indonesian Tamarind Soup Recipe

This tamarind soup or what’s the local would call ‘sayur asem’ tastes sour, sweet and slightly spicy. Most of the time, it’s being served in Sundanese restaurants as a side dish, but is also well-known in Jakarta. It is made of various kinds of vegetables but it is famous for featuring gnetum/ melinjo, a plant


This Thai restaurant in Grand Indonesia Mall looks promising. It reminds me of my favorite food ‘TomYum’, and I think that’s where the name is derived from. They also have a nice representation from the outside with a friendly bystander welcoming you. However, I might sound totally bold when I say that my experience of

Becoming a Beginner Investor

The awareness of financial literacy seems to be growing, even among the youngsters. We understand its importance, but often enough we are not sure where to start. Investing in properties or land can be very expensive, and it is absolutely hard to achieve by those who just entered the workforce, or are still in school.

21st Century Skills: Preparing Yourself for Industry 4.0

Industrial revolution is marked with nine things; automation robots, simulation, horizontal and vertical system integration, internet of things, cybersecurity, clouds, additive manufacturing, augmented reality, big data and analysis. These have revolutionized the way our industry works and many goods can now be produced faster and more efficiently at lower costs. These changes bring significant transformation