Carrying a heavy wallet or purse can be bad for your health. An orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Sabrian Strickland, claimed that when you are holding something on your shoulder, your spine has to curve to manage the weight, and having a big thick wallet definitely doesn’t help.

If you are a guy, there is also a chance that you like to keep it in your back pocket. However, sitting on your wallet this way will get one of your hip higher than the other, pressuring your spine and forcing it out of its position.

If it’s not enough reason to downsize your wallet, a cluttered wallet is also proved to be a waste of time. Too often, we will spend so much time trying to find the right item among all the unnecessary stuffs you keep in your wallet.

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Here’s how you can start downsizing it:

Throw Away Your Receipts

Ask the cashier if you can opt for no receipt option, but if they insist that you receive one, throw it away immediately. Put the important ones in the drawer in your home and only take it with you when needed.

Ditch Member/Loyalty Cards

Most discounts and benefits that these cards offer are very small. They are hardly used as well because it only applies to a specific store, but what’s worse is that having these cards can attempt you to buy stuffs that you don’t need by luring you with free items and other promotions.

Take Pictures

If you are in a business where changing cards is a common occurrence, you can instead save the contact information on your phone by taking pictures. You can do the same for all other cards whenever possible.

Leave Your Coins Home

Coins are heavy and space-consuming, put them in a specific jar/piggy bank in your home everyday.

Take Only One/Two Credit Cards with You

It is also preferable that you bring one with a smaller limit to avoid any impulsive purchases.

Use E-Money

You won’t have to carry so much cash and get more coins from your change.

Get a Smaller Wallet

Finally, having a thinner wallet will force you to keep only the essentials. It will also nurture a good habit of carrying less.

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