There is a plethora of kitchen gadgets promising more comfortable and practical life. The advertorials for these products sneak their way into our daily articles, news, and videos. Attractive discounts and offers are present to lure you into buying things that you don’t even know you need. It seems like a good deal at that time, some of them are cheap at twice the price, but what do they really cost you?

Firstly, most of these gadgets are ridiculous, if not stupid. They can be very specific so you can only utilize it for ONE purpose only, and when not in use, they occupy your cabinet or any space in your kitchen. Guess what will happen after this? They might get dusty, so you need to clean them (again) before using it, or worse, they are buried somewhere and it becomes a hassle trying to find them.

To give you the idea, here are some examples of completely unnecessary and absurd kitchen gadgets:

These cutters are designed to cut only one type of fruit. If you are into using specific tool that looks hard to clean, rather than your regular knife because you just can’t figure out how it works, then maybe this is perfect for you! However, you will also have to be someone who is willing to buy something expensive for messier result, and loves avocado, cantaloupe, or apple sooooo much that you eat it more than once a week!

I find sandwich maker to be pointless as you can easily use your pan on the stove. Moreover, the width is very limited that the filling of your sandwich can get everywhere if you stuff it too much. The same goes to toaster, electric steamer, coffee maker, and tea brewer.

How often do you think you are going to use these? Have you thought about the amount of stuffs that can end up in your dishwasher just from cutting onions or vegetables? This might be practical when you cook for a party, but then again, how often do you actually host a dinner for a large group of people?

Ice cream scoop for when you don’t have a spoon, right?! Only that you need to dip it in water first so the ice cream doesn’t stick to it. In other words, for you to enjoy your regular treat, you will need an extra glass for water to dip it into and wash them all after. Do you really wanna go through that much trouble every time?

Now let’s be honest, how many of these do you actually need when can use your fork and spoon for mixing or stirring almost anything?

In my personal experience, you will normally need one or two types of spatula and knife, instead of a giant knife block.

Cooking and food preparation does require you to master few techniques. But that’s exactly what it takes, not more kitchen tools and gadgets.

By the time you think of how many appliances you will end up using and cleaning to make one course of meal, it will discourage you to cook your own healthy meal and opt for some takeaways instead.

Think of the practicality of the tools you buy, even when it does not cost you anything, especially then. Do you really need it? Or do you have other tools at home that can do the job?

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