The Breadwinner

‘I lost both of my parents in just three months. I did everything I could to support my mom and pay for the hospital bills, so at that time I thought she was gonna make it. I was angry with God. My dad didn’t stop grieving and his health kept declining. He eventually died of

The Craftsman

‘I tend to immerse myself in my work and lose track of time. If I were to do this at home, I would stay up all night until dawn. Actually, this one should only take two hours to finish but I kept having friends come over. So, I would take a break and drink some

Herb & Spice Cafe

It is obvious that the owners of this place want people to associate the restaurant with the use of herbs and spices in their dishes. The location is kind of confusing as the building is merged with a cake shop and bakery, Prima Rasa, at Pasir Kaliki street no. 163. I accidentally found this place

The Survivor

‘We had a family gathering, there were 16 people in my house, but only three of us survived. Tsunami came 15 minutes after the Earthquake happened. We didn’t have a chance to escape. The water hit me hard, there was a throbbing sound getting closer and we could see a 50-feet high water coming our

Teh Tarik Recipe (Traditional Milk Tea)

Teh Tarik is a Southeast Asian milk tea beverage, that can be served hot as well as chilled. Its name is derived from its making technique which literally means ‘pulled tea’. The drink is poured from one glass to another for couples of times until soft foam is formed. The original ‘Teh Tarik’ seller will

Top All-You-Can-Eat Restaurants in Bandung

We are lured by the idea of getting an access to as much food as possible. This become one of the reasons why all-you-can-eat restaurants are growing rapidly. Nothing screams ‘a good deal’ like getting to fill up your plates until you get a food coma. The feeling when you walk into a room filled