The Cyclist

“You will need to write five books to justly narrate my story. I do long-distance cycling with my old bike and haven’t worked a normal job in ten years. I even biked from Bandung, Indonesia to Melaka, Malaysia. It is 1,600 km away and it took me thirteen days. I don’t want to sound arrogant but frankly,

The Facebooker

“Hey, you don’t seem busy. Can you help me with something? I can’t log into my Facebook. My friend set up the account for me so I don’t remember what my email and password are. I was still able to access it a couple of days ago but suddenly they don’t let me open it.

What Keeps You From Decluttering

Your stuffs Costed You Money It is hard to get rid of stuffs knowing how much money you spent on them, but your money is already gone. Having your space filled up with them will not make you feel any better about your reckless spending. I always imagine how much money I could have saved

TERMINALE: Putting Your Basic Ice Cream to Shame!

If you think gelato is just another variety of ice cream, you are unlawfully mistaken. Gelato might just be an Italian word for ice cream but it is by miles better, richer, and sexier! Some key differences actually lay on its ingredients. Gelato uses more milk than creamer making it silkier and more elastic; tough its

What It Feels Like to Plog in Indonesia: A Country Contributing World’s Second-Highest Plastic Waste to the Ocean

PLOGGING is Sweden’s fitness craze that has started making its way to different corners of the globe. Combining jogging and picking up trash, we want to experience it in Bandung, Indonesia, with a major plastic pollution on its hand. And the outcome of this experiment is mind-blowing! Indonesians seem to have this practice of throwing

Why Minimalism is Truly Life-Altering

Have you ever felt like your life is on auto-pilot? How days are changing and time is fleeting from our hands? Every job has its own brand of stress, and this assumption led me into believing that what I feel in a daily basis is what every adult has to face. I later realized that

The Sketcher

“Me and my friends won The Indonesia World Records for the most sketches made, but fine arts hardly get any recognition from neither the media nor the government. I worked as an artist in Surabaya and Jogjakarta but decided to come back here and started a community called Sketsa Langit. I want to harness our

Sierra Cafe: Good Food, Good View, Good Time

Located at Jalan Bukit Pakar Timur no. 33, Sierra cafe offers not only good food, but also breath-takingly stunning city view of Bandung. Comfortable, chic, modern, romantic; every dining area is designed to indulge your different taste. This restaurant is quiet spacious that it can cater up to 700 customers, making it an excellent choice to hold a meeting or even a wedding celebration.

Walking into this cafe at 5 PM, I enjoyed the fresh air blowing from its outdoor area. Comfortable sofas are set to face the landscape showing all the buildings and green space below it. As the time passed by, the night lights illuminated the view and its sparkles come to life. Presently, a couple showed up. Then, come families who want to enjoy their evening.

Photo by: Ghina Uraihal

Despite its exclusivity, Sierra cafe is incredibly affordable. The menu consists of a wide range of Indonesian traditional foods and western cuisines that start from only as much as 25,000 rupiah/around 2 USD (tax excluded). It’s fashionable and fancy presentation might lead us into thinking that this place is out of our budget. But boy, was I wrong! I tried their iga bakar penyet (grilled ribs with traditional chili sauce), baked potato soup, and peach mango berry for only 12 USD. I really enjoyed the originality of the taste and how they are served in big enough portions.

Moreover, the marketing staffs really stand out for their helpfulness. It was hands down the easiest, fastest, most convenient booking process I’ve ever been through. Not to mention how up-to-date they keep their website, allowing anyone to swiftly check out their menus, promos, and packages.

The only thing that’s missing from this place is probably a reliable WiFi connection. For someone who loves working at cafes such as myself, this could be a major deal breaker. But overall, it’s still a great family and working space.