‘I lost both of my parents in just three months. I did everything I could to support my mom and pay for the hospital bills, so at that time I thought she was gonna make it. I was angry with God. My dad didn’t stop grieving and his health kept declining. He eventually died of a broken heart. I now have four younger sisters to feed. One of them is only three years old. I decided to quit my job and started selling meat in the evening because I need to look after the youngest in the morning. When my other sisters come home from school, it becomes their turn to babysit. Some people wanted to adopt her but I can’t fathom loosing any more of my family members. My wish is for them to stay in school and get a proper education. It’s been hard and tiring being the breadwinner and raising them at the same time, but every time I come home to them, I feel motivated again.’

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