‘I tend to immerse myself in my work and lose track of time. If I were to do this at home, I would stay up all night until dawn. Actually, this one should only take two hours to finish but I kept having friends come over. So, I would take a break and drink some coffee with them. I used to work for other people too, but it was a creativity killer since I only made stuffs that they requested. Nobody ever taught me how to draw, paint, or craft things, I just spent a lot of time experimenting. I want all of my products to be hand-made. Yes, it requires me to hire more workers but it’s also a good opportunity to empower my neighbors. I’m in the middle of decorating my new shop, right now it’s empty, but it will be ready in a week. Come back to see this place full of lanterns from my workshops. You needn’t buy anything, it’s always nice to meet someone who is an avid arts lover.’

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