This is a small cafe that can hold only about 30 people. Conveying a very nostalgic effect, the place was built in 1946. The building is very classic with elegant sofas arranged close to the curtain. It has a warm chocolaty color with a little sparkle from the mirror and flatware. This is the perfect work place to enjoy a hot cup of rich coffee while being on your laptop. The smell of fresh bakery from downstairs area travels across the room. It started raining when I went there and the sound of the water dropping, the music, the view of the restful street had such a soothing effect.

Although they don’t really offer many variations of dishes, they are served in decent portions and are quite affordable. Besides, you can always enjoy some mouth-watering cakes and bakery. You will need to pay for them first though considering they have two separate cashiers. However, consider not going on Sunday as the opening hour on the weekend is very short. They start closing the shop at 6 PM and around 10 PM on weekdays.

Taste: 70/ Place and Service: 80

Tax & Service: 15% /Overall: 80

Here are some menu to choose from:


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