Hans Hofmann, in Introduction to the Bootstrap (1993), stated that the ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.


Minimalism is gaining momentum and its popularity continues to expand despite being misunderstood by many. Even though simple living has been around for centuries, minimalism is still perceived as a radical idea. This journey is not just about fighting clutters, consumerism, and  depletion of our resources, but more importantly about finding your true self and sense of happiness.

Why does everyone need to be a minimalist?

If you are a light traveler, you will understand how carrying too much luggage will hamper your chance of exploring more. It is a burden that slows us down and has discouraged many from trying new things. The same thing can be said about life. Everything you include in it requires your attention and will wear you out both mentally and physically. If you are not being careful, your material possessions will  create disruption instead of enhancing your overall well-being.

Often enough, we come home tired, go to sleep, and wake up still feeling the same way. Our generation agonizingly work longer hours than ever before, but somehow save less. The truth is we spend so much money on material stuffs that only provide us with temporary happiness. For a brief moment, it might fulfill your emotional needs. But soon enough, they will be forgotten and are just there to occupy space and collect dust. Don’t believe me? Think of how many times you bought something only to find them lying around somewhere in your house! Think of clothes or stuff you were dying to have that are now piled up somewhere in your closet!

Stop Hoarding! Buying things you don’t need to impress the wrong people means missing plenty of opportunities for something that will add values to your life.

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